Hall of Fame Groundskeeper
George Toma
Endorses All-Natural Lassenite ATS

Reno, NV (9-16-05) – “Twice the root depth with half the water” is how
George Toma has been describing his experience working with the new
Lassenite ATS soil amendment. The Pro Football Hall of Fame honoree has
partnered with the Western Pozzolan Corporation to lend his legendary
groundskeeping expertise as brand ambassador for this watersaving, all-natural
soil amendment.

Lassenite ATS is going to have a dramatic effect by reducing water
consumption, compaction, and labor costs
associated with intensive turf
management,” says Steve Beck, President and CEO of Western Pozzolan. “This
product will absorb its weight in water and slowly release it, making it
available to the root zone.”

Water conservation is increasingly becoming a major issue for golf courses,
sports fields, parks, and residential properties. Oxygen is a requirement, nearly
important as water and fertilizer, for root-zones to grow properly. Because of the
inherent porosity of Lassenite ATS compaction created by intensive foot
traffic will be reduced. As Toma likes to say, “Grass grows by inches and is killed
by feet.

Lassenite ATS is now largely shipped overseas to areas experiencing severe
drought. “Our clients in the Middle East are reducing their water consumption
by 35- to over 50-percent
,” Beck says. “These people consider water to be a
precious commodity that is to be conserved whenever possible.”
Toma, a.k.a. “The Nitty Gritty Dirt Man,” has become the world’s foremost
authority in groundskeeping, having prepared the field for every Super Bowl. He
has also been the groundskeeper for the Olympics, as well as World Cup Soccer.
He was honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001, and remains a
consultant with both the NFL and teams in Major League Baseball. He has
recently released an autobiography, and is a featured speaker at national turf
grass conferences.

Says Beck, “We are honored to be working the living legend, George Toma.
When conditions turn bad, professional leagues and teams throughout the world
turn to him for their field and turf maintenance needs. Now, Western Pozzolan is
proud to do the same.” In fact, the “ATS” in the product’s name comes from
Toma’s “And Then Some” catch phrase.

Lassenite ATS is available in a variety of sizes depending upon application and soil

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